Former students and research topics

They have dared do their research project with the Tech3Lab, now they share their experience with you.

Research question by study field

Information Technolgy
  • Addressing Subject-dependency for Affective Signal Processing: Modeling Subjects' Idiosyncracies
  • Combining vicarious and enactive training in IS: Does order matter? (Félix Gaudet-Lafontaine, mémoire en cours)
  • Do caracteristics of products' catalogs influence users' attention and behavior towards advertising links? (David Brieugne, 2015)
  • The behavioral and cognitive consequences of mobile multitasking (Romain Pourchon, mémoire en cours)
  • Facilitate physiological data measurements in the user experience field
    • The role of gestures in a digital learning context
Business Intelligence - BI
  • inferring flow using physiological data in the multiplayer gaming context