Measuring Tools

The Tech3Lab has a range of advanced measurement instruments to observe and analyze interactions with technology.

Desktop computer



Touch Screen

Various Experimental Environments

We have at our disposal seven experimental rooms with various features to allow a wide variety of experimental settings.
  • Four rooms to conduct individual experiments;
  • An experimental group room for up to 6 subjects at a time;
  • A multipurpose room that can be transformed into living room, office or shopping aisle.
  • A development studio for the creation of new tools.

On the Cutting Edge Measurement and Analysis

These measuring instruments are used to observe and analyze behaviors, as well as emotional and cognitive states of users when they interact with interfaces.
  • Eye tracking measures (visual attention)
  • Physiological measurements (heart rate, breathing and galvanic skin response, emotional and cognitive states)
  • Electroencephalographic (EEG, cognitive states)
  • functional near infrared spectroscopy measurements (fNIRS; cognitive states)

A Unique Capacity to Triangulate

We have developed an analytical architecture to synchronize our instruments to have a rich understanding of the user experience.

A Revolutionary Method of Visualizing UX data

Our team has filed a patent on an innovative technique to visually represent the elements of an interface provoking emotional reactions and cognitive effort of its user.