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September 13, 2017
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HEC Montréal creates a NSERC-PROMPT Industrial Research Chair in UX

HEC Montréal is very proud to announce the creation of its first-ever industrial research chair. The NSERC-Prompt Industrial Research Chair in User Experience will be headed up by professors Pierre-Majorique Léger, Chairholder and Co-Director of the Tech3Lab at HEC Montréal, and Marc Fredette, Full Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences. Six major firms are also Chair partners and will help underwrite the research, drawing on its findings to optimize their customers’ user experience. They are D-Box, Deloitte, Desjardins Group, JDA Software, Sobeys and Vidéotron.

“The NSERC is proud to support this promising collaboration between some of Canada’s top academic researchers and their industry partners, to improve the experience of users of rapidly evolving digital technology. The spinoff from their work in fields ranging from e-commerce and mobile applications to entertainment and education will make Canada a leader in user experience and improve Canadians’ daily lives,” says NSERC President Mario Pinto.

“Prompt is very proud to support this Chair devoted to advanced R&D in the fields of human-machine interaction and data science, with an initial three-year investment on the order of $1.8 million. This funding will go toward inventing new modes of interaction and developing the user interfaces of the future. The Chair is a highly valuable asset that will equip Canadian firms to develop and optimize their interfaces and better position themselves against international competition,” says Luc Sirois, Executive Director of Prompt.

The partners come from a wide variety of industries, giving the researchers access to a particularly diverse set of cases. In return, this will place partner firms’ user experience teams at the heart of a vast research program and let them draw on the very latest scientific advances to meet their specific needs, as well as the experience of firms in industries different from their own.


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