Do a research project in 6 steps

A unique, recognized and rewarding experience.


1. The scenario : the topic and the method

Quickly, you will find a research topic, thanks to one or several of your teachers and you will define together a research question. You will work on this for several months. Then, you will write the method you will use to answer your research problem. However, like any good scripwriter, you will adapt to your actors to make your movie. So some parameters might change during your project


2. The scholarships

A lot of scholarships are offered for students who want to contribute to scientific research. These scholarships are offered by the Canadian government, the Quebec governement and HEC Montreal. Do not hesitate to apply to these programs. If you want to know more about the different scholarships offered to HEC students, feel free to check the HEC website with all the details here


3. Collect

You run tests and do different experimentations that you would have set before hand with your teachers and/or a partner company. The data collection can take several weeks up to several months and years for certain projects. At the Tech3Lab, the studies concern the experience people have with technological interfaces. Thus, a lot of experimentations are done on websites or around videos games


4. Analyze

Once you would have gathered all the data, you will be able to analyze it and try to understand what is hiding behind it. The Tech3Lab provides you with leading-edge technology tools to discover this.


5. Write

That is where you will be able to tell everything of what you have done, why and how you did it, but also what did you read on the topic. You will have a lot to say !


6. Defend

Last step before graduating, submit your research project and defend your work in front of teachers and researchers of your field of study. This is the occasion to show the outcome of your efforts.