Exclusive to students admitted to the M. Sc. program at HEC Montréal:

Call for applications: Tech3Lab scholarships

Apply to become a Tech3Lab scholarship student and do your master's thesis under the supervision of Tech3Lab researchers.


For 2020-2021, our Tech3Lab researchers, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Sylvain Sénécal, Constantinos K. Coursaris and Marc Fredette, will supervise a maximum of 15 students registered in one of the M.Sc. programs offered at HEC Montréal.

Tech3Lab M.Sc. students usually study in the User Experience (UX), Marketing, Decision Sciences and Digital Transformation specializations. Researchers also sometimes co-supervise students with other Tech3lab affiliated researchers working in the areas of finance, operations logistics, human resources, and organizational development. For example, we frequently conduct co-directions with the following Tech3Lab associate researchers: Camille Grange (TI), Ana Ortiz de Guinea Lopez de Arana (TI), Ryad Titah (TI), Ann-Frances Cameron (TI), Hyung-Koo Lee (TI), Stefan Tams (TI), Renaud Legoux (Mkg), Danilo Dantas (Mkg), Yani Grégoire (Mkg), Martin Boyer (Finance), Olivier Doucet (HR), Kevin Johnson (Management) We also collaborate with associate researchers such as Elise Labonté-Lemoyne and Annemarie Lesage.

The selected students will receive an NSERC-Prompt Industrial Research Chair in User Experience (UX Chair) scholarship of $5000 to complete their master's thesis in a unique context using state-of-the-art user research tools. This scholarship also offers the opportunity to these students to work as a research assistant at Tech3Lab and to actively participate in the scientific research conducted at Tech3Lab.

Other relevant information for applicants:
  • Scholarship students will be expected to be available for mandatory weekly lab meetings with researchers.
  • Scholarship students will be expected to participate in training sessions on the tools and software used at Tech3Lab.
  • Preference will be given to full-time students who are able to actively engage in their research activity.
  • The lab is a collegial work environment that fosters collaboration and curiosity. We are looking for students who are interested in learning, but also in sharing and exchanging with their peers.
  • We are looking for hard-working, autonomous and self-taught candidates who demonstrate a great capacity to adapt to new situations and who enjoy working in teams and in innovative contexts.
Information on dissertations conducted in partnership with industry:
Tech3lab and UX Chair researchers conduct applied research on a wide range of topics related to the interaction between humans (consumers, employees or citizens) and technology.

The research topics are largely derived from issues raised by our industrial partners with whom we conduct collaborative research. The partners of the UX Chair are: Vidéotron, Desjardins, Sobeys, D-BOX Technologies, Deloitte Digital. The Tech3lab also has other partners including Canadian National, National Bank, CAE and Radio-Canada.

The assignment of projects to students is generally done between November and February. The scholarship students will not know their project immediately at the time of selection. In preparation for their project, scholarship students will be invited to familiarize themselves with the activities of the laboratory by attending the weekly laboratory meeting and participating in training sessions. In your cover letter, do not hesitate to tell us about your interest or experience in any of the following industries: banking, insurance, logistics, media, video games and entertainment, aeronautics, railways, software development.
Information on publicly funded dissertations: It should be noted that we also carry out several basic research projects, without industrial partners, but funded by the provincial or federal government. These projects generally allow the development of new equipment or new methodologies related to this fundamental research. These projects generally allow a great deal of latitude in research for students who like to innovate and work on cutting-edge themes.

For example:
  • Pierre-Majorique Léger is leading a SSHRC-funded project on divided attention in multitasking contexts, such as smart watch use while driving. He is also leading a project on neuroscience and accessibility in the UX domain.
  • Pierre-Majorique Léger is also the director of the ERPsim Laboratory and leads yearly dissertations in the field of user training and serious games in collaboration with the ERPsim Laboratory researchers.
  • Sylvain Sénécal leads an NSERC-funded project on neuro-adaptive interfaces, recommender systems (SSHRC) and user experience in a mental health context.
  • Constantinos Coursaris is leading an NSERC-funded project on virtual reality experiences.
  • Marc Fredette is leading a project on data science in user experience.

Students interested in these applied research topics are invited to specify it in their cover letter.
Please send us the following by email:
    Your CV highlighting relevant prior experience;
  • Your transcript;
  • A cover letter your interest in joining the Tech3Lab team, which co-directors of the lab you would like to work with, your research interests as well as your ambitions when you graduate (job of choice, continuity in research, etc.). Please also indicate if you are interested in working with any of the Tech3Lab research associates named above.
  • Please specify your level of professional writing skills in both English and French.
Submit your application by email to Audrey Valiquette before September 30, 2021.