Postdoctoral Fellow

At the Tech3Lab, we innovate everyday to push forward scientific research and improve the world of tomorrow

Cutting-edge technological tools

The Tech3Lab is the most important research lab in user experience in North America. We built our reputation and status in just a few years thank to the use of high end technological tools. We use the latest techniques to observe and analyze the market.

Data triangulation

Our researchers have developped their own analysis techniques. That is what makes the lab so attractive and unique. With our studies, we have the ability the cross 3 types of data : cognitive, ocular and physiological. Crossing these data with high-quality software help us to get more precise results.

Diverse research fields

The Tech3Lab is not a research like all the others. We are the research lab of HEC Montreal in user experience and the only one to have a distinct building. However, we work closely with multiple parterns from the industry who are coming to get our valuable services. Thanks to this structure, the lab has a very broad score of research fields which you could beneficiate by joining the us. For more information, contact us here
Discover the testament of two researchers who did their postdoctoral at the Tech3lab, Dr Francois Courtemanche and Dr Élise Labonté-Lemoyne

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jared Boasen, Ph. D.

Amay Cheam, Ph. D.

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Than An Nguyen, Ph. D.

Juliana Alvarez, Ph. D.